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6th Sense Crankbaits

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The 6th Sense Crush 50X™ square bill crankbaits are designed for crashing thick shallow cover, ripping out of grass, cranking rocks, or just burning in open water. Diving up to 5 feet in water depth and fitted with sharp VMC black nickel hooks, these crankbaits simply catch more fish. A premium paint scheme with realistic 3-D gill plates, 3-D eyes, and 3-D scales really brings this bait to life. Advantages •Random Reaction Movement -Creates fast twitching, random movements while cranking that result in increased strikes •Faint Rattle Chamber -Resonates light knocking sounds that provoke strikes without spooking finicky fish •Engineered Buoyancy -Designed to not just crash and deflect cover but to back out quickly, reducing hang-ups

SPECS Length: 60mm or 2.25" Long Weight: 3/8oz Diving Depth: 2-5ft