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10% off Premium Tungsten Weights

Tungsten Bullet Weights - 95% Tungsten

Tungsten Green PumpkinGreen Pumpkin
tung blackBlack
Tung WatermelonWatermelon
Tung Blood RedBlood Red
Tung JunebugJunebug
Tung PlainPlain

Tungsten Flipping Weights - 95 % Tungsten

Tung Black FlippingBlack
Tung Green Pumpkin FlippingGreen Pumpkin
Tung Junebug FlippingJunebug

Compare Prices/Tungsten Bullet and Flipping Weights/10% off already low prices

Size Thump Baits Bass Pro Shop Eco Pro Tungsten
1/8 oz  $5.09 10%off $4.59 $7.29 $7.33
3/16 oz $6.09 10%off $5.48 $7.29 $8.16
1/4 oz $5.69 10%off $5.12 $7.29 $8.16
5/16 oz  $6.49 10%off $5.84 $7.29 $8.16
3/8 oz  $6.99 10%off $6.29 $7.29 $9.19
1/2 oz  $6.49 10%off $5.84 $7.29 $8.66
3/4 oz  $8.49 10%off $7.64 $12.49 $9.90
1 oz  $10.99 10%off $9.89  $16.99 $10.99
1 1/4 oz  $6.99 10%off $6.29 $10.99 $7.59
1 1/2 oz  $7.49 10%off $6.74 $10.99 $8.19

If you haven't felt the differents between Tungsten over Lead then your missing out. Tungsten has many advantages over Lead.  You can read many articles about the advantages of Tungsten over Lead on the Internet. We get our Tungsten from the same Manufacture in China as the bigger companys carry.   Our Tungsten is insert free for easy pegging and has a very smooth bore that will not cut your line - we guarantee it.  Specially formulated powder paint to prevent chipping.  Tungsten is great for skipping docks because it doesn't damage like Lead when you hit the wood and also because Tungsten is smaller then Lead it gets hangup less under the docks.  Suggestion on weight size for skipping docks are 1/16oz , 1/8oz,  Tungsten for Spinning Reel and  1/4oz, 5/16oz, 3/8oz Tungsten for Baitcaster. Tungsten is great for Carolina Rig because you want the sensitivity for finding the shell beds, rocks, wood, etc.   We recommand the 3/4oz Plain Tungsten for Deep Carolina Rig.

Tungsten Bullet

1/16oz 5 per pack

1/8oz 4 per pack

3/16oz 4 per pack

1/4oz 3 per pack


5/16oz 3 per pack

3/8oz 3 per pack

Out of Stock
1/2oz 2 per pack

3/4oz 2 per pack


Tungsten Flipping

3/8oz 3 per pack

1oz 2 per pack

1 1/4 1 per pack

1 1/2oz 1 per pack

D Bomb(Click photo to link to D Bomb) Get a free pack of D Bomb Missile Baits when you buy over $30 in Tungsten Flipping Weight in 1oz, 1 1/4oz or 1 1/2oz. Please link to D Bomb for colors and then email ( what color D Bomb you would like.  Please don't add D Bomb to shopping cart, just email us and we will mail with package.

Looking for a Tungsten supplier? then Thump Weights can help. Email us at or call us at 478-952-0969