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Git Bit Baits Spinnerbait

Git-Bit Baits 3/8oz Twin Spinner

$5.99 each

Jig head colors


Chartreuse White Jig headWhite Chartreuse
Translucent Blue HeadTranslucent Blue
Black Chartreuse Sparkle Jig headBlack Chartreuse
Chartreuse Gold Skirt Buzzbait
Sexy Shad Skirt Buzzbait
Blue Glimmer Skirt Buzzbait
Black Red Skirt Buzzbait
Blue Tinsel Skirt Buzzbait
White Chartreuse Skirt Buzzbait
Black Blue Chartreuse Skirt Buzzbait
Spot Suducer Skirt Buzzbait
White Chartreuse Black Speck Skirt Buzzbait
White Skirt Buzzbait

Git-Bit Baits Twin Spinner Buzzbait has two blades. One blade that rotates clockwise and the other blade rotates counter clockwise .   The Twin Spinner Buzzbait are 3/8oz and have a very sharp Mustad hook.  Will be adding 1/4oz and 1/2oz Twin Spinner Buzzbait soon.